Kindness by Design (KBD) is a platform for championing those – designers, brands and retailers – that are committed to making the world a better place. They do this by approaching their work from a sustainable and cruelty-free standpoint. Previously located here KBD has been bringing readers the best of ethical fashion for over five years.

KBD readers are passionate about purchasing items that are stylish as well as socially and environmentally ethical.  They’re also keen to connect with the makers of fashion and to learn more about the supply chains behind their favourite brands.

‘Buy less, choose well, make it last’ – Vivienne Westwood

Finding what you need:

Blog – discover the latest news and views regarding ethical fashion and design

Curated Eco Collections – feast your eyes on beautiful ecochic pieces…presented to you with a twist

Ethical Design Interviews – get behind-the-scenes access to inspiring designers, brands and retailers

What do I mean by kindness?

I’m passionate about beautiful fashion and design that is:

  • Made from recycled or upcycled materials ranging from fabrics to precious metals
  • Created using processes that minimise or eliminate wastage and the use of chemicals
  • Giving back to disadvantaged communities and charitable causes
  • Crafted using materials that are certified organic and cruelty-free
  • Sourced under fair trade conditions where artisans are provided with a sustainable livelihood

Since 2013, KBD has belonged to the Ethical Fashion Forum’s Fellowship 500 – a group of pioneering innovators in fashion and sustainability taking the movement to the next level.

About me

1402421_701028099921553_2092227178_oHi! My name is Kendall and I created KBD in 2011, spurred on by my desire to see sustainable and ethical design become the norm.

I have over a decade’s worth of experience working in the field of environmental conservation and communication, with a Fellowship from the Centre for Sustainability Leadership.

I’m a member of the Australia/New Zealand Working Group for Fashion Revolution, an international movement advocating for a fashion industry which values people, the environment, creativity and profits in equal measure.

If you’re a socially and environmentally ethical brand, designer or retailer – please feel free to drop me a line at hello[at]kindnessbydesign.net

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. itsinmyjeans says:


    Such a great page that champions ethical fashion, I am so happy i came across this page – it is really inspiring and contributing to such a great cause!

    ‘It’s In My Jeans’ is a student run campaign that focuses on reducing your water footprint and spreading awareness about how we can tackle water wastage with the bigger picture being, slowing the process of climate change – with a large factor being sustainable fashion. Please check it out, as i’d be great to collaborate and spread awareness together by nurturing our beautiful earth and lending a hand to a sustainable future!


    Looking forward to hearing from you!


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