The Kindness by Design Guide to More Love & Less Stuff!

No matter your religion or lack thereof - this time of the year carries with it a strong message of kindness toward others! For some people this involves their spiritual beliefs, for others it simply marks the end of a year and a time to take stock and appreciate those around us. This special holiday … Continue reading The Kindness by Design Guide to More Love & Less Stuff!

Ethical Designer Spotlight: Pure Pod

In 2007 designer Kelli Donovan and photographer Sean Watson went out on a limb and launched their own ethical fashion label - Pure Pod. It's amazing to think that next year they'll be celebrating Pure Pod's tenth birthday! This ethical fashion label was born in the idyllic Byron Bay hinterland, on a beautiful organic macadamia … Continue reading Ethical Designer Spotlight: Pure Pod

Ethical Fashion in Full Bloom: 10 Designs Inspired by Flowers

Flowers have played a significant role in the natural history of our planet and in our lives as human beings. So I think it’s fitting to incorporate this wonder of nature into our lives – in an ecochic way of course πŸ™‚

Are You A Fashion Revolutionary?

The older I get, the more connections I see in the world around me. We live in a vast interconnected universe where seemingly disparate topics are in fact intimately linked on some level. Social justice, the multi-billion dollar fashion industry, environmental conservation and animal welfare - all of these things come into play every time … Continue reading Are You A Fashion Revolutionary?

On the Garage Sale Trail

Last Saturday 24th October was National Garage Sale Trail Day here in Australia. Full disclosure: I was given the chance to work with the PR team to help spread the sustainable word across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory in 2015 πŸ™‚ It was such an interesting experience (and hectic, which is one … Continue reading On the Garage Sale Trail