Ethical Designer Spotlight: Pure Pod

In 2007 designer Kelli Donovan and photographer Sean Watson went out on a limb and launched their own ethical fashion label - Pure Pod. It's amazing to think that next year they'll be celebrating Pure Pod's tenth birthday! This ethical fashion label was born in the idyllic Byron Bay hinterland, on a beautiful organic macadamia … Continue reading Ethical Designer Spotlight: Pure Pod

Ethical Fashion in Full Bloom: 10 Designs Inspired by Flowers

Flowers have played a significant role in the natural history of our planet and in our lives as human beings. So I think it’s fitting to incorporate this wonder of nature into our lives – in an ecochic way of course πŸ™‚

Directly Impact Clothing Makers with

"If you look at, people with a very modest amount of money can make a huge positive impact all around the world" - President Bill Clinton One of the major themes of Fashion Revolution Day has been the disconnect between consumers and makers of fashion. The more we reconnect the links, the closer we … Continue reading Directly Impact Clothing Makers with