Design Has Gone to the Birds…

Seems that I have birds on the brain…think freedom, feathers, flight and fancy!

Set of 4 Bird on Branch Gift Tags by Paper Tree Design, each tag features a hand stamped bird on a branch on a vintage Mills & Boon page. (Australia)
New baby cards by Earth Greetings, printed on post-consumer recycled paper with vegetable ink (Australia)

Ms Pretty Spies Lunch kimono inspired top by Kindling (Australia)
Mr Birdy tote bag by Kindling (Australia)
Silver Bird on a Swing by Ibu (Australia)
Owl’s Nook by Ibu (Australia)
How now Brown Owl by Catnaps (Australia)
Oatmeal Owl Soap Set by LoveLeeSoaps (USA)
The Wayfayer Purse in Corduroy by Peskycatdesigns (USA)
Pretty Girl Peacock Satchel by missymaomao (Australia)
Obi Buckle Love Birds by gamiworks (USA)
Vegan Green and Black Owl Scarf by KimCreative (USA)
Peacock Vinyl Wallet by hihorse (USA)
Bird and Flowers Embroidery iPhone Case in Retro Style on Cream Faux Suede by LAWBags (USA)
Large Nest on Twig Necklace by The Feathered Snail (USA)

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