Marvellous Marine Madness

From the birds in the sky to the fish in the sea! It’s marine madness meets cruelty free! šŸ˜€

100% recycled cotton Jelly Fish Bag by Invertebrate Clothing – where the designers are marine biologists and a portion of the proceeds goes towards marine conservation!
100% organic cotton Men’s Octopus T-Shirt by Invertebrate Clothing
Vegan Gummies Beyond the Sea Cupcakes by Veganville

Obi Buckle “Guppy Love” by gamiworks (USA)

Floral Octopus Pouch, the felt is made from recycled plastic bottles by SetYourMindtoWander (USA)
Super cute vegan Here Fishy Fishy Handmade Soap by SoapStore (USA)
Mini Vegan Fish Pendant handmade out of recycled aluminum by Julep115 (USA)
Koi Journal by Kreativlink (Austria)
Koi Fish Duct Tape Wallet by jDuct (USA) – made from 100% duct tape!
Pets can enjoy Marine Maddness too with this Samurai Sushi 100% cotton collar by PeachyKeenPets (Canada)
Bring the ocean home with these cute wall stickers by ccnever (China)
Bermuda Blue Starfish necklace by RedEnvelopeGifts (USA)
Adorable Fishy Kisses Pillow,Ā handmade entirely from eco-felt and stuffed with an eco friendly filler both are made from recycled plastic bottles which means a few less in a landfill by Unpetitelapin (USA)
Grab attention with this striking jellyfish decal by singlestonestudios (USA)
Let there be fishy-light! Made from coconut leaves by allaboutchic
Chic adjustable backpack turned shoulder bags made from recycled Maine sail cloth by MimsMaine (USA)

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