Orange You Glad I Found These Items?

In some parts of the world the leaves are starting to turn that gorgeous burnished orange of autumn and in others the Sun is starting to amp up again after a cold winter.  Orange can be the warmth and comfort of a roaring fire and the bright sunshine of a day at the beach. It’s a cheerful out-going colour that puts a smile on my dial. It’s bold as well as cosy! I hope you enjoy my picks:

Owl be in orange brooch from Cherish (Australia) – A very funky one-of-a-kind handmade brooch and best of all…30% of all sales will be donated to either WSPA, WWF or RSPCA!
Hot Salve by Good4YoU (USA) – Great for a muscle-warming massage, this salve contains all organic ingredients including ginger, olive oil, thyme and cayenne pepper. The packaging is recycled :o)
Citrus Coin Purse & Shoulder Bag by Ecoist – These delightful bags are made from recycled candy wrappers! 😀
Porcelain Ring with Orange Surface by Lizzy Sampson (Australia) – The artist creates each ring from scratch using ice porcelain, which means every purchase gives you a special one-off piece!
“Fall Reflection” 5 x 7 Nature Photograph by Country Dreaming (USA) – Put a little autumn on your walls :o)
Orange Moon Charm Bracelet by Ginger & Co. (Australia) – This is a lovely and interesting piece of jewellery
Round Lotus Flowers by AccentsandPetals (Philippines) – These delicate looking flowers have been handcrafted from wood shavings!
Vibrant Orange Ronit Zilkha Halter-neck Dress from The Oxfam 2nd Hand Store 
Organic Cotton Sunkissed Dress by New Zealand designer Miranda Brown
Tangerine Chrysanthemum Ring by Silver Lotus Designs (USA) – Nickle free.
The Everyday Bag by Badimyon – Part of a limited collection :o)
Ring a ling ling by Willow Stained Glass (USA) – Art deco inspired funky ring.
Goldfish vintage style brass cuff by Unique Art Pendants (USA) – I think this cuff is beyond cool! Love it! Pop this on your arm for an instant pick-me-up.
Tube Dress by Prairie Underground (USA) as seen at Equita – 100% organic cotton and sweatshop-free!
Vintage Style 1950s shot taffeta halter-neck dress from LeighaK (Canada)
Divine Orange Milk Chocolate at Ethics Girls (UK) – This brand of chocolate was the first to be Fairtrade and today the co-operative of cocoa farmers in Ghana own shares in the company making the chocolate bar! Now that’s some truly sweet chocolate 😀
Butterfly Garden Bracelet by ILikeItILoveIt (USA) – The designer used repurposed vintage scatter pins, earings, beads and brooches to create something fun and different!
Cheshire Grin Necklace by Blissful Bird Designs (USA) – Alice in Wonderland’s famour Cheshire Cat, for the bold and the romantic.
Classic Pouch in Orange by Aylla (Chile) – A beautifully designed pencil case made from orange cotton canvas on the exterior and cream cotton within. There’s one pocket on the outside and two inside for stashing your bits and bobs. You’ll be the most stylish person in the office with this one ;o)
Abstract Art Wood Pendant and Silver Necklace by Paulapi (USA) – inspired by the contemporary masters of abstracts arts and paintings.
Men’s & Women’s Summer Seasonal Vibrant Orange Pants by Pants to Poverty (UK) – Made using organic and fair trade cotton, proceeds from these pants go towards the company’s new child labour free programme in India.
Vintage Stamp Pendant by Honeyscolours (USA) – A clever use of a vintage stamp! :o)
Orangesicle Hula Hoop by Sweet Shoppe Hoops (USA) -These candy inspired hoops look good enough to eat! According to their website hooping has been measured at burning 600 calories an hour…whoa…
Campana Favella Melissa Shoes designed by the Campana Brothers – These lovely shoes would give any outfit an instant lift!
Arara Thongs from Melissa Shoes, designed by Edson Matsuo – I seriously adore these thongs! The colour, the beautiful shapes and lines, and the fern-like detail.
Orange Jots & Oops Notebook Set by Julianna Grove – Most of us would agree that writing and receiving letters is waaay more fun and exciting than emails! Now you can correspond with class :o)
Orange Black Hempsilk Halter Dress at Nancy’s Gone Green – This dress was designed by Rene Geneva and was shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. You’d be hard pressed not to turn heads in this eco-friendly number!
Gone to Paris Antique Button Hat by Nancy Atkins (USA) -In-house designer from Nancy’s Gone Green has taken 100% recycled cashmere and a vintage button and created joyful trendy look!
Celebration Egyptian Scarf by Global Girlfriend – 100% Cotton. Hand-woven by rural artisan families in Egypt, these scarves — ferkas — have been sold or traded to Sudanese women to celebrate social milestones for centuries.
Tangerine Acai Necklace from The Andean Collection – So beautiful! This company also has a non-profit arm called The Andean Project that uses funds from sales and private donations to address poverty related social issues.
Orange Bangle Set by Emi
Recycled Peach Flower Necklace by Emi– According to their website: This item of jewellery has been cleared from a UK based high street store. The jewellery could have gone to land fill or have been destroyed by incineration. Both ways of disposing of jewellery are extremely bad for the environment as you know, some plastics take well over 100 years to bio-degrade so they could still be in the ground long after we are gone!

Re-vive Cofee Table Kit from Love Eco – Made in the UK from reclaimed and reconditioned steel factory tools, definitely a conversation piece! The kit contains the four table legs, so you’ll still need to source your own table top. 

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