#1 Eco-budget versus Eco-luxe: Summer Dresses

Hi there! I thought it might be fun to see what eco-friendly and cruelty free ensembles I could come up with on a budget and then take a flight of fancy and give myself an imaginary blank cheque – let me know what you think!

Category 1: Eco-budget (Under $100)

Category 2: Eco-luxe (under $300)

Fair Trade Cotton Pollock Pepi Dress from Komodo @ £72.00
Resin Bangle Stack by Milkwood Design @ $AUD110.00

Scarfun Summer Wedge in Salmon Gloss designed by Alexandre Herchcovitch  for Melissa Shoes @  $AUD109.00

Category 3: Uber Eco-luxe (If You Have to Ask How Much You Can’t Afford It)

Floral-cutout Cotton Dress by Stella McCartney @ USD$1,735.00
Faux-leather Two-piece Sandal by Stella McCartney @ USD$865.00
Falabella Citrus-print Cotton Clutch by Stella McCartney @ USD$795.00
Circus Briolette Necklace by Mallary Marks @ USD$11,005.00
Swarovski Crystal  Bracelet by Tom Binns @ €542.00
Black Round Frame Retro Sunglasses by Miu Miu @ £130.00

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