3 Ways To Wow Your Weekend

1. Volunteer at your Local Animal Shelter

It has been scientifically proven that pets are good for both our physical and mental health. Don’t have your own furry friend at home? Why not visit your local animal shelter and brighten the day of some critters in serious need of love! Even if you do have your own pets, it’s a wonderful feeling when you can spare even an hour out of your weekend to groom some shelter cats or walk a dog that’s been dumped by his fair-weather family. 

Animal shelters depend on generous and kind-hearted volunteers to help keep their operations running. Without them, the lives of these animals would be a lot darker. 

Volunteering at my local shelter introduced me to my newest family member, a sweet one-eyed cat called Teddy.

My Teddy Cat – assisting me with my latest post!

It’s as easy as looking in the Yellow Pages or Googling to find a shelter near you =^..^=

2. Kick Up the Volume on Kindness

This weekend why not go on a massive bender? A kindness bender that is! It’s a waaay better buzz when you’re drunk on good deeds ;o) For inspiration, why not check out – The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

3. Eco-up Your Wardrobe

Pump up your favourite tunes and get ruthlessly stuck into your wardrobe! Anything you no longer wear can be: 

(a) Donated to a charity 
(b) Recycled/Upcycled 
(c) Swapped 

To get you started:

Then why not reward yourself with a few quality eco-friendly pieces from one of the many amazing designers showcased here on Kindness by Design? Or grab a friend and have a ‘sustainable-fashion treasure hunt’ in your local area (with regular breaks for tea and cakes of course!).

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