Urban Safari

Take a walk on the wild side & take some pride in your appearance as you stray from the herd & go on your very own city safari! 

Departure Zebra Print Dress by Edun – This sexy safari dress is made from 100% organic cotton. Edun ‘supports & builds sustainable businesses in developing countries through trade not aid’

Silver Lion Necklace & Earrings by Oria – Wear this lovely jewellery with pride knowing that it’s made from ethically sourced silver. Available online from Pure Design
“Tilt-A-Whirl” Elephant Drop Earrings from Tarina Tarantino – Fun & colourful statement earrings featuring Swarovski crystal posts 
Leane T-Shirt with Elephant Print from Paul & Joe – Dreamlike print in cotton
Kilele Dress by Johari – Inspired by the silhouette of the acacia tree. Did you know that the leaves of the acacia tree are a favourite snack for giraffes?
Chui Top by Johari – This is a chic cheetah ensemble! 100% of Johari’s profits go toward the Johari Foundation’s Miale projects supporting children and young adults in Kenya
Retro Whimsical Elephant Dress by Hannah Mary – So 1950s style is the only one for you? No worries! You can still join in safari fun! 
Eco ReUsable Large Snack Bag by Fig Tree Boutique – With no nasty chemicals these lunch bags are a super cute way to have a packed lunch and keep plastic out of landfill!
Elephant T-Shirt by Rouges Gallery – This timeless top for tiny tots is 100% organic cotton as well as being fair trade. Available online at Green Baby
Mustard Bohemian Jungle Island Caftan from River of Romansk – Feel like a jungle princess as you lounge by the waterhole in this bright happy caftan
Giraffe Safari Mini Dress by Savoy Faire – This shabby chic handmade dress will give you that ‘Me Jane…You Tarzan” look! Made with eco tea-dyed cotton
Tiny Gold Rhino Necklace by Fucci House – I like the stylistic, raw design aesthetic used here. Available online from Bird. Did you know that Africa is home to both the Black Rhino and the White Rhino? Both of are facing serious threats to their survival!
In Trenched Dress from ModCloth – Ms Livingstone I presume?
Lion by Spirit Hoods – Lounge, laugh & love like a lioness in this 100% faux fur hoodie
Safari African Animal Print Top by Lucian Designs – African Boho-chic, great with jeans & heels
Favourite Animal Romper from ModCloth -So…it’s a romper…with animals on it…of course I love it to pieces!!! ;o) 
Petite Lion Print Tank from Top Shop – Really make your ensemble ROAR! 
Zebra Tee by Crazy Ink Pink Screen – This unique print has been hand screened
Little Lion Necklace by Alex Woo – Channel the virtues of a ‘Leo’ (courage, flair, generosity & leadership) with this sweet silver necklace 
Elephant Print Tote Bag by Lucian Designs – Cute tote with fabric that’s almost as strong as an elephant! Did you know that if conservation action is not forthcoming, elephants may become locally extinct in some parts of Africa within 50 years?
Watercolor Lion Top from Forever 21 – This relaxed fit cotton tee is the perfect accompaniment to jeans or summer shorts
Asymmetric Autumn Safari Dress by Tola Tola – This is not a dress for the fainthearted! It’s jungle princesses only for this handmade statement dress. Did you know that the great lakes of eastern Africa are home to some of the largest and most ecologically diverse freshwater systems in the world?
Men’s Brown Giraffasaur Shirt by Domocile Ohio – This wacky print is perfect for the bloke who loves animals & music ;o)
Standing Tall Dress from ModCloth – It’s safari 80s style! Plus there’s pockets…Love! Did you know that South Africa’s Cape floral kingdom is one of the richest areas in the world for plant diversity?
‘Reminder – Hear Me Roar’ Lion Necklace by Dogeared – Handcrafted using recycled gold-dipped sterling silver. A lovely necklace with a beautiful sentiment
Zebra T-Shirt by Milo Graphic Tees – I like the bold monochrome print, depicting a most noble creature of the savanna. When attacked by a predator, a herd of zebras band together to protect each other 
I Heart Giraffes Print Tee by Love Space – Of course I heart giraffes! How could you not?  Did you know that a giraffe’s heart can weigh up to 22 pounds?
King of the Jungle Tee by Glamour Kills – Quirky intellectual lion shirt. Did you know that the lion is listed as ‘vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List for Threatened Species?
Lion Boyfriend Tee by Rebel Yell – I don’t know about you, but to me this lion has a very wistful expression…I think he needs to go to a loving home :o)
A Little Bit Taller Toilet Brush from ModCloth – Add a little whimsy to that least fun of household chores…cleaning the toilet! Did you know that baby giraffes are born as tall as humans? Whoa!
Men’s Retro Lion Sweater by Pop Clothing – For the guy who is hip enough to wear furry animals on his clothes
Stylin’ Safari Top by Sugarhill Boutique – Pair with skinny leg jeans and heels for night time or tights with flats for a fun day look
Zebra Perfect Tote by Anne Klein – This fun fabric zebra print bag also sports a lion ornament
African Animal Tuck Dress from Top Shop – This dress is a chic way to wear animal print

South Africa Cropped Blazer by DAY Birger et Mikkelsen – This is for explorers who crave a clean tailored look. Complete the ensemble with vegan Fold Over Canvas and Faux Leather Bag by Stella McCartney
Continental Wallet by Kate Spade New York – I think this design is fantastic! Made from woven cotton poplin with 14-karat gold hardware. There’s also plenty of little nooks for your  bit and bobs!
Men’s ‘Protect Wildlife’ Shirt by Green Banana – This is a great tee for the conservation conscious man. Available online from Yes Style. Click here to learn about some of Africa’s places of conservation significance
Yes, Yes, Shawl from ModCloth – Bright and zesty zebra goodness which can work as a scarf, a shawl or a hair accessory. Did you know a zebra’s stripes are as unique as a human’s finger prints?

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