I Heart Ethical Art

I decided it was time to dip my toe into the ocean of ethical art. Here are some of the treasures I found just beneath the surface waters – 

John Dahlsen:

“Blue River” – This piece was a finalist in the 2003 Wynne Prize for Australian Landscape at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and is made primarily from recycled plastic bags
“Blue Rope” – A moody piece of abstract art created from recycled plastics collected from Australian beaches
“Driftwood Sculpture Trio” – Shapely sculpture using found driftwood, steel and wood

Yuken Teruya:

“Corner Forest” – Something gorgeous sprouting from humble toilet rolls!

Aurora Robson:

“Kermit” – This ethereal artwork was constructed from plastic debris (PET), rivets, tinted polycrylic and mica powder
“Active Ingredient” – Something beautiful is born from one of life’s little annoyances…junk mail!

Mary Engel:

Mary Engel uses discarded materials in an attempt to capture the essence of animal movement

Eco Wall Art Range @ Weylandts:

“Asanoha 3D” – This piece is part of an ecological initiative out of the Philippines combining eco-art with sustainable employment

Wim Delvoye:

“Tire Art” – This amazing art transformation is part of Belgian artist Wim Delvoye’s  Pneu series. Learn more about art from everyday objects at Junkculture

Tom Deininger:

“Stroking Monet” – Tom Deininger’s Landscape Junk Assemblages takes the flotsam and jetsam of the world and transforms it into amazing visual delights!


Monkeybiz Beaded Art is an inspiring not-for-profit project helping to empower women in under-resourced areas of South Africa through economic development 

Do It Yourself:

Soy Crayon Rocks from EcoArtWorks – Non-toxic soy wax crayons – so pretty! 😀
Eco Finger Paints from EcoArtWorks – Grab these and have some vibrant eco fun!
Hemp Sketch Book from EcoArtWorks -Fancy yourself a sketch artist? Pop this baby in your bag and whip it out whenever inspiration strikes! 

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