*Special Birthday Edition!*

Hi awesomes! 😀

Today just so happens to be my BIRTHDAY! I’m so excited about my day-time birthday ensemble, so I thought I might share it with you…check it out!

I didn’t get this for my birthday this year but I think it’s the perfect tee to wear today! 😀 This one is by Japanese label ScoLar and the design gives me such a happy!
YAY for my handmade “rescued” bracelet made from recycled bottles and natural grass pleather from Hendrick Boards – I received this for my anniversary but am chuffed to wear it on as many special occasions as possible (my partner Ryan is wearing his matching one!)
Ryan gave me these fabulous vintage 1960s jute clip-on earrings by RMS Jewels that he’d seen me feature in Eco-Fashionistas, Lend Me Your Ears 😀 😀 😀
My fabulous friend and vintage aficionado Olivia Simmons gave me this BRILLIANT fairy-bread brooch by Whiskers Lane which is available at the amazing Sweets Workshop in Summer Hill, Sydney. Ps: Don’t you just love the Babushka bag it came in???
Look it! It’s a tiny silver cat necklace by Thousand Island Dressing from my wondrous friend Kate Lindsay!

Time to head outdoors now! YAYAYAYAYAY! – KB xo

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