Fashion Less Waste 2012

Last night I had the pleasure of immersing myself in the fabulous Art and About Sydney 2012 celebrations!

Photo credit: Paul Mac

After grooving to the sound candy of DJ duo Jingle Jangle at Martin Place, I boarded a very chic retro double-decker bus to the Australian Museum for a night of eco-fashion and deep sea exploration. 

Each year the Australian Museum holds an ethical fashion competition open to adults and high school students called Fashion Less Waste. The theme varies from year to year – with the current theme linked to their Deep Oceans exhibition.

FLW 2012 Winner (Open) – ‘Paco Remote’ created by Joseph Mashett. This outfit made from TV remotes was inspired by the amazing colours and textures of nudibranchs
According to the designer “TV media have a responsibility to inspire and to educate about our natural world” –  Photo credit: Australian Museum
FLW 2012 Runner-Up (Open) – ‘Untitled’ created by Annelyse Lumley. Crafted from red tent tarp to create a look inspired by the basket star, which is a type of brittle star
The designer is a student of Australian College of Professional Styling Photo credit: Australian Museum
FLW 2012 Runner-Up (Open) – ‘Untitled’ created by Stephanie Powell. The designer has used a fan cover, bubble-wrap, CDs and Christmas lights to recreate the look of a bioluminescent jellyfish of phyla Ctenophora or Cnidaria
The designer is a graduate from the Whitehouse Institute of Design – Photo credit: Australian Museum
FLW Winner (Secondary School) – ‘Poly-medusa’ created by Tess Tavener Hanks. The designer made use of strips of aluminum and wire, clear plastic suction bath mats, pieces of coloured translucent pencil cases, ‘Knobby balls’ – bumpy toy balls and exercise balls
The designer was inspired by the Red Lantern Medusa and the Deep Sea Spanish DancerPhoto credit: Australian Museum
FLW 2012 Runner-Up (Secondary School) – ‘Bentley the Benthocodon Jellyfish’ created by Bonita Poppy Alexander. She cleverly found most of her materials washed up on the beach. The outfit is crafted from onion bags, snorkels, a crab pot, fly-screen, denim, stationery folders, bottle tops, knitted gift-wrap, braided chip packets, fishing line, flippers and fishing reels…phew!
The designer was inspired by the Benthocodon jellyfish
FLW 2012 Runner-Up (Secondary School) – ‘Untitled’ created by Rebecca Lee. The designer employed fly-screen, plastic sheets, foil and cardboard
The designer used both materials and cut to re-create the look of a viperfish
According to the Australian Museum:

The main aim of our competition is to encourage a more sustainable fashion industry – to help to fashion a less wasteful world. We also hope to develop entrants’ design skills, and to foster an appreciation for the natural history theme of the year.
Big ecochic high 5s to the Museum for supporting ethical fashion designers and a sustainable future! Also congratulations to all of this year’s finalists :o)

One thought on “Fashion Less Waste 2012

  1. Barod Navis says:

    Wow this is so weird! But the whole idea is admirable, making old things part of fashion is always welcome in my book. And when it comes to fashion nothing can beat the Zentai suits that are available now in the market.


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