Sara C is a Natural Choice for EcoFashionistas

Sara Cohen has combined her love of vibrant ethical fashion with her passion for the beauty of nature to create the label Sara C. I’m thrilled to share with you this exclusive interview with Sara about her design journey and the bright future of eco-friendly fashion!

Q. What was it about fashion that drove you to embark on this new adventure with the Sara C label? 

A passion for prints, colours and textiles propelled me to start designing my own prints. I wanted my love of nature to be inherent in the brand, so much so that each print is inspired by a specific aspect of nature, from sunshine dappled woodgrain to hydrangeas drying out at a London flower market. I started with clothing because I wanted to showcase the prints across simple silhouettes.

Q. How would you describe your design aesthetic in 10 words or less?
Strong, simple silhouettes featuring graphic natural prints infused with colour
Q. Can you tell us a little about what makes your label both socially and environmentally ethical?
I believe in producing high impact fashion in a determinedly low impact way. Inspired by and respectful of the environment, each garment is individually handmade in Britain using eco-friendly processes and fabrics.
“Bamboo Couture” is a term I use to describe our truly organic, ever-evolving creation and production process. Once I’ve designed a nature-inspired print, it’s crafted so that it works perfectly within the shape of each garment. That way we can decide exactly where the print is placed and how the front and back will match. Each garment is then placement printed, hand cut and sewn to keep wastage down. 

We only use organic, natural fibres such as bamboo and peace silk, and eco-friendly dyes. We design, print and manufacture everything in Britain. Even the small details like our stationery and clothing labels are organic or recycled.
Q. Which ethical designers are inspiring you right now?
I am loving Sonya Kashmiri bags right now and the simplicity of the Partimi collection.
Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your passion for the English countryside and how this influences your work?

I have always had a love of nature. For me the countryside tells millions of tiny, perfect stories, and these stories inspire my designs. I photograph and draw what I see, and the result is my debut collection: Nature’s Edge. 

Reflecting the wild beauty of England, Australia and Mexico, graphic natural shapes are infused with bright washes of colour. These unique prints are at the very heart of the Sara C brand. Sara C is inspired by and respectful of the environment

Q. Do you have a favourite item from your debut collection, Nature’s Edge?

Trying to pick a favourite item is like asking to pick a favourite child. I love them all. If I had to pick my current loves they would be Sayulita Electric and Swirl Sunshine. The first because it transports me back to special time in Mexico, where I came across the leaf on a dirt track in the fishing village of Sayulita. 

The Sayulita Electric Maxi Dress

And the second, because I love the simplicity of the shapes and colours within the flower. Whenever I wear this top it just transports me to a happy place.

The Swirl Sunshine Bamboo Top
Q. What does the future hold for Sara Cohen?
My vision is to develop Sara C’s fresh signature prints across clothing, interiors and accessories – bringing a little colour to everyday life.
We’re launching our range of Peace Silk scarves and cushions this month. 

 You can also find Sara C on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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