Op Shop Christmas Market 2012

Guest post by Vicky Weatherlak​e of I Love to Op Shop

What is it?  

It’s an online market with items submitted by op shops plus a few fundraisers, with all items under $30 and available for postage within Australia. 

Where is it? 

You can browse the fabulous selection to your heart’s content via the dedicated album located at the I Love to Op Shop Facebook Page.

Vintage plastic plates from I Love to Op Shop

Who’s taking part? 

At the moment some of the confirmed shops include: 

Melbourne Op Shop Tours are also offering three pairs of discounted tickets for use on any of their op shop tours in 2013.

What is being sold?

The usual variety of items you’d expect when visiting an op shop from books, clothes, ornaments, vintage treats and accessories. There are also some giveaway items – you just enter by commenting, liking, sharing a picture or attending the Facebook event – easy!

Why is it being held?

For fun and for fundraising really. I realised that I have great support, input and enthusiasm from op shoppers and op shops on my page and thought this was a great way to come together, meet and share some festive shopping fun from home.  

Vintage 70s maxi dress from Big Heart Mission Australia

The best thing is being able to promote all the op shops out there who work tirelessly all through the year and hopefully introduce some new shoppers to them to continue to support them through next year!

Get involved!

If you know of any op shops who may be keen to take part there is still time.  I just need pictures and descriptions, they will either need to supply a Paypal address or bank payment details to the buyers to receive payment unless the item is being picked up locally.  Fundraisers also welcome. Drop me a message via the I Love to Op Shop Facebook page or email me at ilove2opshop@gmail.com

Retro 50s style china plate (I love this!!) from Washed Up Treasure Op Shop in Emerton

I’m a big believer in Christmas being about a time of giving, this does not mean crazy cash or credit to Kmart, meltdowns in Myers or tantrums in Toys R us though.  I think thoughtful spending is perfect and if it can giveback at the same time to those who support the community it makes me happier immediately.

Who knows if it goes well there could be an Easter Market :o)

Guest post by Vicky Weatherlak​e of I Love to Op Shop 

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