Setting the Standard for a Sustainable Fashion Future

Jessica Althoff, founder of Future:Standard, is doing what many of us only dream of - she's taken a leap of faith in order to follow her passions in life! I was delighted and inspired by her story and I think you will be too. Q. Can you tell us a little bit about that lightbulb … Continue reading Setting the Standard for a Sustainable Fashion Future

Dress Ethical And Look Tee-Rrific!

I quite freely admit that I'm a big fan of the humble t-shirt! There's just something I find so appealing about their ability to display various facets of your personality in thought-provoking and eye-catching ways. With a simple change of shirt you can go from silly to serious and back again. I hope you enjoy … Continue reading Dress Ethical And Look Tee-Rrific!

Love Green – Live Green – Wear Green

Green occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye than most colours and it's the colour of the Heart Chakra, known as Anahata. Being Green is also how we describe living in an environmentally conscious way. A way of life that respects all species on Earth. I wanted to celebrate both the … Continue reading Love Green – Live Green – Wear Green

Fashion Candy

I must confess to harbouring a ravenous sweet-tooth. Here's what happens when I combine these sugary cravings with my passion for ethical fashion. I hope you enjoy this ecochic fashion candy!Are You Sherbert? Vegan Flats from ModCloth - Mouthwatering lollipop lush cruelty-free shoes!Candy Oyster Bangle and Necklace by RubyOlive - These individually hand moulded resin … Continue reading Fashion Candy

For the Love of Foxes

Recently I read a feature about a designer who felt they were "ethical" for trapping, killing and skinning foxes themselves for fashion. She loved them, she said and was grateful for their sacrifice so that she could stay warm and cosy - to say I was horrified would be an understatement. In response I've gathered … Continue reading For the Love of Foxes

Being Ecochic is the Bee’s Knees!

I've buzzed from flower to flower so that you can bask in the sweet honey-drip glow of these beeutiful cruelty-free items:"Camouflage" Tee designed by Jean-sebastien Deheeger - So quirky-sweet! I actually gave the men's tee to my partner for his birthday this year :DBee and Flower Pendant by Kylie Gartside - Simple yet stunning design … Continue reading Being Ecochic is the Bee’s Knees!

Do I Have Some Ethical Bags For You? Yes Sir! Yes Sir! 3 Bags Full!

Here's my latest crop of eco bag finds - from the uber chic, to the versatile and the cute'n'kooky! There's some gorgeous arm-candy here and it's ALL ethical :D Fair Trade Shoulder Jogi Bag from Aura Que - Made and dyed by communities in Nepal, this sustainable bag has a wonderfully unique shape and designYellow Tote Bag by … Continue reading Do I Have Some Ethical Bags For You? Yes Sir! Yes Sir! 3 Bags Full!