Dress Ethical And Look Tee-Rrific!

I quite freely admit that I’m a big fan of the humble t-shirt! There’s just something I find so appealing about their ability to display various facets of your personality in thought-provoking and eye-catching ways. With a simple change of shirt you can go from silly to serious and back again. I hope you enjoy this round-up of unique and ecochic t-shirts!

I am Fair Trade Micro Loan Tee from The Naked HippieThis fantastic tee is made from half organic cotton and half recycled polyester. The Naked Hippie invests 100% of it’s profits into micro loans that help people in developing countries support themselves and their families
Bird with Heart Tee by Naturwrk – This eye-catching design was printed onto 100% organic cotton with non toxic water based screen printing ink.  As an added bonus 5% of Naturwrk’s profits are donated to charity
Earth Goddess Print Tee by Frank and Faith – Proclaim your love for the planet with this lovely face print tee made from 100% bamboo fibre
Woman + Lynx Tee by APlus Organic Collection – This certified organic cotton tee is graced by a beautiful and evocative nature-inspired handmade print
Blue Rinse Weasel Scoop Neck Tee by Look For Fiddleheads – The designer was inspired by the weasel’s fabled ability to “see all things in the dark and hear all things with their little pointed ears. They know so much in their silence”. The original print is from a rare early 19th century newspaper belonging to the designer’s grandmother. This 100% organic cotton tee is also 100% quirky-chic!
Girly Pink Dove Pocket Tee from Moselle Clothing – This super pretty 100% fair trade and organic cotton tee was handmade in Thailand by women seeking a life without exploitation
No Ego | Yes Eco Tee by WHO*S WHO – Great message on this peach tee made from a blend of abaca plant and organic cotton
“La paz es lo que quiere y necesita el mundo”Organic Cotton Men’s Tee by Un Cielo – This tee’s message translates as “peace is what the world wants and needs“. Gentleman, you’re not just going to look cool, you’ll feel awesome as well with $1 of each tee sold going toward Skateistan, Afghanistan’s (and the world’s) first co-educational skateboarding school. It won the Peace & Sport NGO of the Year Award in 2009
GreenUp Tee by Vivienne Westwood -This unique 100% organic cotton tree-shirt was designed by the world famous Vivienne Westwood, with proceeds going to a United Nations initiative for sustainable development in Europe
Puff Hemp Tee by KhusibuThis super comfy looking hemp tee was made in a factory in Nepal that aims to keep traditional tailoring skills alive. The design has been inspired by a Nepalese motif
Indian Lotus Tee by Putu Princess Escapes – The lotus design on this 100% organic cotton tee is one of the oldest symbols in the world. According to the designer “seeds between 200 and 300 years old have been germinated…No wonder it is considered a symbol of purity and perfection”
Sunbird Tee by Element – This striking design evokes images of ancient artwork found amongst temple ruins overrun by jungle. I really like the colour palette of this 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester tee
White Earth Manifesto Burnout Tee by Love this Life – This fair trade tee combines beauty with a life affirming message
Made in Africa Tee from A Question Of – Well I think this shirt speaks for itself!
Love to Recycle Tee by RC Tees – Wear your love for living green proudly with these cute organic tee!
Charity Organic T from The Little White T-Shirt Company – All of the profits from this classic wardrobe staple go toward charities in Australia, India and Indonesia
Alea Lacta Est Tee by Nudie Jeans – Flattering dark charcoal organic cotton tee from a trendy Swedish label
Organic Cotton Sky Kid’s Tee by Chrissie Abbot – This could easily have been one of my favourite shirts as a young kid! Love the distinctive starry design mixed with hexagonal colour blocking
Labrador T-Shirt by The Love Peace and Harmony Project – There’s two streams of thought as to why this is an awesome shirt. Number 1 focuses on the fact that it was created in a wind-powered factory in India under Fair Wear Foundation conditions from organic cotton. Number 2 focuses on the fact that there’s a puppy! 😀
Peter Pan T-Shirt by Love Me Again – This sugary sweet flight of fancy tee is crafted entirely from recycled discarded shirts destined for landfill. What a beautiful 2nd life! 
Live Salty or Die Charcoal Tee by The Salty Surfer -Available in either hemp or bamboo, when you’re wearing Salty you’re wearing a lifestyle centred around respect for nature. Created by a family wanting to spread a message of living simply
Upcycled Paneled T-Shirt by Goodone – Made entirely from upcycled end-of-line fabrics, I am loving this modern take on a patchwork tee!
Men’s Radical Tee by O’Neill – Stylishly simple horizontal stripe organic cotton tee for a understated yet striking look
Men’s Love Tee by Denim Gallery Biarritz – This clever organic cotton design uses the word love with white space to create a vision of kissing lovers
NYC Skyline V-Neck Tee by Charmed Fox – What a unique homage to the buildings of the city that never sleeps! The designer photographed all the buildings individually for this shirt before silk-screening them using eco-friendly water-based ink
Bow Ties Tee by Sub_Urban Riot – This is so edgy-sweet! Available from ethical retailer Ecolissa
Marie Organic Summer Love Tee from ONLY -Combining two of my favourite things, rainbow colours and summer! 😀
Ai Weiwei Brain Inflation T-Shirt from Des Artistes – Startlingly the MRI image on this iconic tee is of the Chinese designer Ai Weiwei’s brain after a brutal police arrest. Ai is a famed Chinese contemporary artist and political activist
Logo Tee by RainTeesBeth Doane founded sustainable fashion label RainTees in 2008 and with every purchase a tree is planted in a critically endangered area of the world through charity partner, Trees for the Future. Uniquely RainTees also donates school supplies to children living in endangered rainforests who then create the original artwork features on the tees!
Bolt Tee by Aviator Nation – Loving this retro-inspired tee in 100% organic cotton. Reminds me of 80s cartoon fav Super Ted!
Samurai Owl Tee by Engram Clothing – Owl + Samurai + 100% Organic Cotton = Fashion Win! Also available for women :o)
No Animals Harmed Tee by Vaute Couture – Nothing’s sexier than a man who is kind to animals! This disclaimer tee is 100% certified organic cotton and fair trade to boot
Limited Edition Friends Tee by Vaute Couture – Design your own animal-friendly fashion piece! Choose between a Gold Chick, Gold Rabbit, Silver Sheep and a Silver Elephant and then pick your cut!
CHOOSE LIFE Tee by Katharine HamnettThis iconic 80s slogan tee once worn by George Michael was first seen in a Buddhist exhibition that Lynne Franks, of Ab Fab fame, hosted. The designer proclaims; CHOOSE LIFE over WAR on this organic cotton tee
Sucker for Ink Tee by Blackbird TeesThis handsome cephalopod is swimming in a 100% organic cotton galaxy blue sea
Limited Edition Tee Designed by Morcheeba for Edun Live – Singer Skye Edwards from the fabulous band Morcheeba designed the original artwork herself. This organic cotton tee is available only at YOOXOGEN with all proceeds donated to Green Cross International
(1) Potassium in Vintage Red and (2) Titanium in Vintage Denim by Wear Chemistry – These ecochic bamboo tees are inspired by a mix of science and art. This funky intelligent brand is strongly committed to ethical labor practices and creating a minimal environmental footprint
Swallow T-Shirt by Rapanui – This pretty and versatile tee can be worn off the shoulder or not as you please. Made under Fair Wear Foundation conditions from sustainable Eucalyptus fibre
Pink Chevron Geometric Print Tee by Little Blue Feathers – This sugary sweet organic cotton tee is perfect for feeling girly without wearing a dress!
World of Love Organic Cotton Tee from The Rainforest Site Store – You’re not just talking the talk with this eco-friendly tee, because with each purchase 1,145 square kilometers of rainforest is preserved! Made under fair conditions in Peru
Palm Trees T-Shirt by Ascension – British fashion model Jacquetta Wheeler took this photo of palm trees which looks fantastic on this pink 100% fairtrade cotton tee. The inks used for this candy-coloured shirt have been approved by the Soil Association
Ice Surprise Kid’s Tee by Pini Piru – This inventive label from the Netherlands has a brilliantly zany collection of prints that really capture the imagination and shout FUN!
Wear No Evil Tee by Etiko – Declare your commitment to wearing ethical clothing with this certified fairtrade and organic cotton tee
Union Short-Sleeved Tee by Kowtow Clothing – A poignantly simple design on this beautifully crafted oversize tee made from premium certified fairtrade and organic cotton
Rooster Scoop Neck Tee by Bellus Frux – This is such an eccentric print! Standout from the crowd with this Australian made organic cotton tee featuring some very quirky birds
Andy Davis Barrel Tee from Billabong – I think this is such a cool tee for any eco-conscious surfer guy! An original limited edition print is featured on this organic cotton tee
Protect Macaw Tee by Michael Michalsky – With every purchase of this organic cotton tee, €5.00 is donated to WWF-Germany’s conservation work
Biodegradable Tee by Wave-O – This eco-design label is the brainchild of architects Francesca Bisceglia and Ondine de la Feld
Hummingbird T-Shirt by Ethics Girls – The endearing bird in flight on this 100% Fairtrade cotton is an original design by illustrator Jenny Nicol
Petal Print Tee by Anntian – This visually arresting organic cotton shirt celebrates the diversity and beauty of petals
Ballet Tee from One Mango Tree – Looking for a tee that you can pair up with almost anything in your wardrobe? Check out this simple and elegant ballet tee made with certified organic cotton grown on farms in Uganda
Pearls of Wisdom Tee from Cold Shoulder – This piece is part of the ‘Life is Precious’ collection, which is a collaboration formed by UK fashion label Cold Shoulder, creative studio O.W.H. and textile designer Gemma Kelson. The sustainable fibre this shirt is made from is derived from Eucalyptus trees
Speak for the Trees Tee by Stewart + Brown – Love this clever design! One moment it’s a forest reflected in a still lake, the next it looks like spikes of music. Great colour combination on this organic cotton tee as well :o)
Nzuri T-Shirt from Johari – Stylish cut and stunning hand printed portrait of a Masaai combines to make something quite special. Nzuri translates as ‘nice’. Handmade by 23 year old Teresa Moraa Machuki, with 100% of all profits fed back into the Miale Social Development Programmes in Kenya
Rainbow Cropped Tee by Wildfox – Have I ever told you how much I adore rainbows? This is such a cute summer tee!
Tree Heart T-Shirt by One Colour – Let people know how much you heart nature with this Africa made and Australian designed tee. Word to the wise…only the white top has been made from organic cotton!
Leopard Face Print Tee by Stella McCartney – Did you know that leopards love to swim and sometimes treat themselves to a seafood dinner? This organic cotton big cat t-shirt could be your next purrfect wardrobe essential =^..^=
Okapi T-Shirt by Seven Gill – This unusual yet captivating creature (pronounced oh-COP-ee) is the only living relative of the giraffe. You can now take home your very own organic cotton Okapi!
Gina Fair Trade Tribal Tee from Komodo – This mesmerizing design adorns organic and fairly trade cotton
Square It Tees from Hendrick Boards – Every 2 weeks this amazing label will delight you with a new limited edition tee with $10 from each purchase going toward YOUR local animal shelter or rescue charity!
Red Organic Cotton Tee with Pirate Star by Eco-Star – This super eco-conscious UK label’s motto is “thinking not inking”. Rather than printing their designs they choose to create unique clothing using recycled fabric
Cat’s Eye View by P.E.A.R Tees – Only 30 of these evocative organic cotton tees have been created!
Longtail Boat T-Shirt by The Lost Travel Tshirt CompanySuch an atmospheric piece! This socially and environmentally ethical tee sports a photograph of a traditional longtail boat on Railey beach in Thailand
Custom Printed Organic T-Shirts from Organic Tees – Want to design your own ethical tee? Well these guys can provide you with the organic, fair trade and carbon neutral blank canvas 😀
“I hope you enjoyed my round-up of uber awesome and tee-rrific ethical shirts!” – Kendall xo

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