Are You A Fashion Revolutionary?

The older I get, the more connections I see in the world around me. We live in a vast interconnected universe where seemingly disparate topics are in fact intimately linked on some level. Social justice, the multi-billion dollar fashion industry, environmental conservation and animal welfare - all of these things come into play every time … Continue reading Are You A Fashion Revolutionary?

On the Garage Sale Trail

Last Saturday 24th October was National Garage Sale Trail Day here in Australia. Full disclosure: I was given the chance to work with the PR team to help spread the sustainable word across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory in 2015 🙂 It was such an interesting experience (and hectic, which is one … Continue reading On the Garage Sale Trail

Connecting The Threads That Bind Us

One of the most inspiring sustainable fashion bloggers I know - Agatha Lee - has launched a brand new enterprise with her friend Reynaldo Padit, called Connected Threads Asia. Connected Threads Asia is a “for purpose organisation” that believes in a socially and environmentally responsible fashion industry. Their mission is to transform the sector into … Continue reading Connecting The Threads That Bind Us