Connecting The Threads That Bind Us

One of the most inspiring sustainable fashion bloggers I know – Agatha Lee – has launched a brand new enterprise with her friend Reynaldo Padit, called Connected Threads Asia.

Connected Threads Asia is a “for purpose organisation” that believes in a socially and environmentally responsible fashion industry. Their mission is to transform the sector into one with a conscience, bring all stakeholders together to make it happen, and to educate consumers about sustainable fashion choices. That’s a pretty huge purview!

Tonight the team will be launching this new initiative in Singapore, including a premiere screening of award-winning documentary, Cotton Road. This thought-provoking movie explores the industrial processes behind the rapacious consumption of cheap clothing and textile products in the US.


According to Connected Threads Asia:

Who doesn’t love fashion? It protects us, defines how we look, who we are, and gives us our cultural identity. But our passion for fashion is also harming the planet and exploiting not just the people who make them, but the consumer as well.

Connected Threads Asia is also Singapore’s country coordinator for the global campaign – Fashion Revolution. To learn more you can also visit them on Facebook and Twitter.


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