The Green Man

The modern eco-conscious man comes in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes and so does the contents of his wardrobe! No longer the lonely realm of the long-haired hippie in his pajama-like hemp ensemble. I’ve hunted and gathered a selection of chic green apparel just for blokes – 

Trooper Cap by 3Fish – 100% fairtrade and organic cotton
Panda Boxer Shorts by WWF – 100% organic cotton and 100% panda-riffic!
Cream Organic Men’s Cotton Tee by Forgotten Souls – Made in India this shirt contains no chemicals or bleaches and  is dyed using medicinally rich plants
Men’s Multi-stripe Fly Front with Evergreen Piping by Pants to Poverty – Made with fairtrade and pesticide-free cotton and proceeds from each pair sold go toward Pants to Poverty’s new child labour free programme in India
Organic Surf Shirt designed by Pombero – This stylish surf shirt was made in South America by a group of artisans consisting of 380 families using traditional techniques infused with a modern aesthetic. Available online at La Nativa
The Torpedo Cufflink by Elvis & Kresse – These uber-cool cufflinks are made from decommissioned fire-hose. Available in red, yellow, blue and black. Etched personalisation is also available, making these a fantastic and very unique gift for the man who has everything ;o)
Men’s Earth Lolly T-Shirt by Cause + Affect – I love the fun yet thought provoking design! 100% organic cotton grown in India by a fairtrade co-operative with the weaving conducted in an International Labour Organisation certified factory
Cashmere Tie by Borne Again – This funky tie has been handmade using recycled and reclaimed materials and lined with cotton. Learn more about Borne Again 
Plenty More Fish Men’s T-Shirt by THTC – A great looking shirt with an important message about over-fishing. The awesome print was designed by graffiti artist Mau-Mau. Made using organic cotton certified by The Soil Association grown on wind farms…umm did I mention it was awesome?! Available online at The Natural Collection
Pico Henley from Alternative Apparel – Classic and comfy
Charcoal Impact Shoe by Kustom – This good-looking skate shoe is made from recycled, renewable and low-impact materials including hemp and PET bottles
Rangefinder Tee by Hippy Tree – Brilliant bold print
Time Traveler Oxford Shoes by Olsen haus – These elegant sustainable and vegan shoes are an essential component of a truly eco-chic wardrobe. Available online from Brave GentleMan
Think Earth Eco-Heather Crew Tee from Alternative Apparel -Made with a unique blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester and naturally occurring rayon. Also 100% of net proceeds from the sale of this comfy tee go towards Global Green USA
Men’s Mussel Tee by Invertebrate Clothing – I heart this tongue in cheek design created by a bunch of arty marine biologists!
Slate Chinos by Sonja Den Elzen – These fab organic cotton chinos come in a gelato-like palate of slate, salmon, khaki, gray, black, white and brown. Made exclusively for Brave GentleMan
Recycled Lego Cufflinks by Retro Links – These super fun cufflinks are made from vintage and 2nd hand lego pieces, perfect for guys born in the 80s. I think they’re awesome :o)
Beautiful Stains Tee from Blake Hamster – 100% organic cotton with an original design flavour
Eco Label T-Shirt by Rapanui – A trendy homage to eco-labeling! Made from 100% organic cotton in a wind-powered factory audited by the Fair Wear Foundation
Green Stripe Polo Shirt by Silverstick – A great everyday shirt made with organic cotton certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard
Men’s Hemp Fine Stripe Everyday Knit Top from Braintree – For those days when the whether isn’t hot or cold but cool-ish. Made with 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton
Purple Strip Shirt by Culturata – This Italian label proves that you don’t need to compromise on style and craftsmanship to wear sustainable clothing!  
Organic Aloe Gel by SolRx – Perfect for the outdoorsy guy, whether  you’re a surfer, snowboarder, footballer or just like pottering about in the garden
Gray Classic Bowtie from Brave GentleMan – This gorgeous tie was hand-tailored in New York under fair trade conditions and includes both organic + recycled materials. Take The Doctor’s advice…Bow Ties Are Cool!
Men’s Fairtrade Jeans by Rica Lewis – These fairtrade certified cotton jeans are a classic and versatile addition to any wardrobe
Pine Duffel Bag by Billabong – Made from recycled hemp and organic cotton this bag works perfectly for a weekend away, a trip to the beach or carting your footy gear to the oval
Men’s Staghorn Coral T-shirt by Invertebrate Clothing – This marine design was inspired by the symbiotic relationship between corals and their plant-like zooxanthellae. I love it!
Bamboo Boxers from Braintree – They look good and being made from 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton…I bet they feel pretty good too!
Drop Seeds Not Bombs Tee by Rapanui Clothing – Clever use of design + organic materials = awesome tee!
Tipton Belt from Braintree – Need a belt to go with your organic fairtrade jeans? No worries mate, check out this 100% hemp pant-holder-upper!
Organic Cotton Men’s Dress Shirt by boll Organic – A sustainable wardrobe doesn’t start and finish with casual wear, keep eco at the office too! 
Acetate and Bamboo Aviator Sunglasses by Unitdot – Designed by Cyrus Wong to give a green-twist to a tried and true silhouette 
Recycled Tyre Wallet by Traidcraft – Brilliant way to turn something useless into something practical and hip! Traidcraft is a fairtrade organisation that has been fighting poverty through trade since 1979
Men’s Eco Fashion ‘Powered’ Tee from Excentree – A great organic tee for coffee fanatics…fairtrade of course ;o)
Backyard Chino Shorts by Nike – Made from a combination of 66% organic cotton and 34% recycled polyester herringbone broken twill. A stylish pair of shorts
The Solis by Keep – Made with yarn dyed Japanese twill this is an extremely versatile shoe
TV Signal is Gone Tee by mmhmm – Quirky design on an organic tee from this exciting Polish label. Available online from Blue Caravan
Recycled Fire Hose Wash Bag by Elvis & Kresse – Who would have thought an eco-friendly wash bag could be so rugged and manly?
Eco Fashion Turquoise Polo Shirt by Excentree – Great casual polo made from organic cotton and sporting the vivid Excentree logo
Red Bodhi Seed Tee by Ciel – Love this striking design! 100% fairly traded organic cotton. “Bodhi” is the Sanskrit word for “awakened”
The Ramos Geologist Shark Shoe by Keep – Marvelous marine pattern designed by Abby Portner. Profits from this shoe go towards the Socorro Island Conservation Fund
Eco-Comfort Socks from Earthtec -Can you believe something so comfy was made from recycled plastic bottles?! 
Men’s Bamboo Bike Tee from Bamboo Body – Modern forms of fossil-fueled transport are taking a massive toll on our environment. Don this eco-tee and jump on the bike rather than hopping in the car
Organic Track Shorts from 4-rth – Perfect for the gym!
Geo Tee by Bellus Frux – Organic cotton tee with an eye-catching design. Very urban-chic!
Double Breasted Coat by Edun – This is such a beautiful coat & very hip. Learn more about Edun’s commitment to attracting trade to Sub-Saharan Africa
Recycled Macbook Sleeves in Jade and Green/Black by Excentree – Funky covers made from recycled print blanket. No two are the same!
Natural Selection Men’s Crew from Green Label Organic – A very cute take on an established image!
Ace Fedora from prAna – A different take on a fashion classic
Men’s Fitted Tee by Certton – This 100% organic cotton tee is one of those faithful friends that can go anywhere with you
Organic Cotton Tote by Earthtec – Perfect for holding veggies from the Farmer’s Market or beers for the BBQ
Organic Bird Tee by Bellus Frux – Another great design from this Australian label
Noggin Beanie by Element – 100% organic cotton. Eco-tastic way to keep your ears nice and toasty :o)
Straight Pant by Edun – Classic cotton pant with an urban feel
Action Pants by Cottonfield USA – These organic cotton pants were made for comfort and ease of movement during tai-chi, meditation, dance, yoga or martial arts
The Guerra Black Denim with Yellow Plaid by Keep – Funky + Fun
Recycled Polyester Backpack from StyleSac -A great eco-option backpack 
Just Say No to Pesticides Apron by the Environmental Justice Foundation – Fatherly advice from Robert Thompson. A fun and meaningful apron for men who love to chef it up in the kitchen

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