Ethical Designer Spotlight: Eco Cheeks

Sandie Miller, founder of ethical label Eco Cheeks, is crafting a line of eco-friendly lingerie that will satisfy your cravings for both sugar and spice! Snuggle up somewhere cozy and enjoy my interview with this passionate British designer.
Q. Tell us a bit about how your love of textiles and vintage clothing grew into a determination to build a green British lingerie label. What were the biggest influences for this passion?

I’ve always had a love of fashion and vintage clothing, adapting pieces and adding my own inspirations. While I was growing up the women in my family had a big influence on me, I was regularly doing arts and was always surrounded by fabrics swatches, patterns and fashion magazines.

My Great Aunt Fanny taught me a lot of new skills with her ‘make do and mend’ attitude and her strong individual eye for colours and styles. I believe and enjoy natural products and wanted to start an honest, green British brand, producing luxury, fashion led lingerie with ethically sound business practices.

Q. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

We have a clear identity and strong brand values:

  • Designing with consideration

  • The philosophy behind eco cheeks is hand crafted, high quality feminine lingerie

  • Meaningful fashion, playful and beautifully cut

  • Delivering a history of the product, who made your garments and how your purchase can have a positive impact

Q. What makes Eco Cheeks a truly ethical choice for shoppers?

We focus on transparency and accountability, building awareness and making changes to reduce negatives. We aim to operate as efficiently as we can in all aspects. We use organic and natural fabrics and surplus materials. When we produce our collections we concentrate on quality, making lower quantities, meaning less waste. We use a green energy provider. And the entire design and production process is carried out in Surrey, England. Celebrating traditional skills and knowledge.

Q. What advice would you give to people who are interested in pursuing their passion in eco-design?

To plan and make strategies and to have a proactive approach. Surround yourself with a great team with complementary skills. Spend time talking to customers and listen to their needs and seek support.

Q. Which ethical designers inspire you?

  1. Henriette ludgate
  2. Sarah Ratty
  3. Ethical jewellery designer Parul Tolentino from Oak fine Jewellery
Q. Can you tell us a little about your first collection and the woman who inspired it?

We have a ready to wear collection and also offer bespoke items.

Our debut collection has a message and heart, and is inspired by and named after My Aunt Fanny, who was kind hearted. The collection has a fresh romantic spirit with floral prints, pale pastels and sorbet shades to candy apple red and fiery oranges. All made with luxurious delicate fabrics, catering for a variety of moods, taste and occasions.

Q. What role does kindness play in your life?

Kindness has a big part in having a green company, with a kindness towards the environment and to others is what we consider important. I think we should look after each other and natural resources as much as possible.

I believe people are becoming more kind as well.

Working towards a more sustainable future, the world is changing and our awareness about it is increasing. The trend towards a new caring way and eco actions appears to be unstoppable.

Q. Where can people find your designs and what does the future hold for Eco Cheeks?

We have a website and you can follow us on Twitter and, in the near future, from ethically fashion online stores.

We have plans for collaborations with charities and to slowly expand the range by adding lines.

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