Project JUST wants to change the way we shop

I never cease to be inspired by the wealth of crowd-funded projects seeking to create a more equitable and sustainable world through fashion. Over the past few years, I've seen so many amazing initiatives take flight, including: The brainchild of Hong Kong-based fashion and textile designer Cassandra Postema, Emi & Eve roams the remote "...and … Continue reading Project JUST wants to change the way we shop

A Fashion Experience Capturing Hearts Around the World

Hearts was founded on the idea that "Conscious Minds Create Change". The committed team works with artisans all over the world to create exclusive fashion forward designs that are made with respect for the Earth, AND make a difference in people's lives. I'm thrilled to share with you my interview with the Creative Director of … Continue reading A Fashion Experience Capturing Hearts Around the World

Love Green – Live Green – Wear Green

Green occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye than most colours and it's the colour of the Heart Chakra, known as Anahata. Being Green is also how we describe living in an environmentally conscious way. A way of life that respects all species on Earth. I wanted to celebrate both the … Continue reading Love Green – Live Green – Wear Green

#2 Eco-budget versus Eco-luxe: Make-Up

Here I go again! Last time it was summer dresses, this time I wanted to see what cruelty-free make-up products I would purchase if I was starting my collection from scratch while keeping within my 3 budget categories :Category 1: Eco-budget (Under $100)Vegan Cosmetic 6 Piece Brush Kit from Beaute Crue - This cruelty-free set … Continue reading #2 Eco-budget versus Eco-luxe: Make-Up

Fashion Candy

I must confess to harbouring a ravenous sweet-tooth. Here's what happens when I combine these sugary cravings with my passion for ethical fashion. I hope you enjoy this ecochic fashion candy!Are You Sherbert? Vegan Flats from ModCloth - Mouthwatering lollipop lush cruelty-free shoes!Candy Oyster Bangle and Necklace by RubyOlive - These individually hand moulded resin … Continue reading Fashion Candy

Ethical Designer Spotlight: Eco Cheeks

Sandie Miller, founder of ethical label Eco Cheeks, is crafting a line of eco-friendly lingerie that will satisfy your cravings for both sugar and spice! Snuggle up somewhere cozy and enjoy my interview with this passionate British designer.Q. Tell us a bit about how your love of textiles and vintage clothing grew into a determination … Continue reading Ethical Designer Spotlight: Eco Cheeks

For the Love of Foxes

Recently I read a feature about a designer who felt they were "ethical" for trapping, killing and skinning foxes themselves for fashion. She loved them, she said and was grateful for their sacrifice so that she could stay warm and cosy - to say I was horrified would be an understatement. In response I've gathered … Continue reading For the Love of Foxes

Recycled Market is Encouraging the World to Reduce, Reuse & Re-inspire!

In our increasingly consumerist world where items are purchased with rabid hunger only to be discarded as landfill in a blink of an eye - it's wonderful to meet people like Erica Louise, co-founder of Recycled Market. Q. What led you to feel concerned about modern society’s propensity for over-consumption and waste? We are constantly … Continue reading Recycled Market is Encouraging the World to Reduce, Reuse & Re-inspire!

Ethical Designer Spotlight: Oak Fine Jewellery

Introducing two amazing artists, Parul Tolentino and Jo-Anne Owdud from Oak Fine Jewellery - when I first came across these talented designers I was transported to a world of whimsy and delight. Their design aesthetic is sublime and their ethics are both honourable and eco. I hope you enjoy my interview with these unique individuals!  Q. Where … Continue reading Ethical Designer Spotlight: Oak Fine Jewellery

Live Sustainable – Live Salty

Picture the ocean. The waves pounding on the shore. A fresh salty breeze invigorates your mind. Okay now that you're in the right frame of mind it's time to read my recent interview with Mike Canavan, owner of The Salty Surfer Company. Q. Can you tell us a little about how The Salty Surfer Co. was first … Continue reading Live Sustainable – Live Salty