Heart of Glass

Glass is such an amazing material – it can provide a sense of opaque mystery or be a transparent window to the world. I wanted to explore this ethereal substance and find out how ethical designers were incorporating it into their work. 

Triple Lariat Necklace by Smart Glass Jewellery – Designer Kathleen Plate has crafted this beautiful piece from recycled drink bottle glass
Glass Country Petite Cylinder Vase in Solid Mint from Koch & Co. – I simply adore the colour of this recycled glass vase!
Bottle Bracelets by Dessin Creations – These unique bracelets have been hand-made from  recycled wine and Skyy vodka bottles – upcycling genius!
Recycled Glass Bracelet from the Eden Project – I really like the unusual colour combination. It reminds me of a bright sunny day at the beach turning quickly into a thunderstorm!
Bandejas by designer Lucia Bruni – What a delicious idea for a serving platter! Made from 100% recycled glass
Mason Jar Square Pendant by Bottled Up Designs – This beautiful pendant has been crafted from the base of an old mason jar!
Mediterranean Shades Bracelet by Austin Allen – The artist uses shards of recycled glass to capture the essence of the Mediterranean sand and sea
Lace Coaster Set by Aurora Glass – Made from 100% recycled glass, these coaster make keeping cup rings off your table a very elegant affair indeed :o)
“Duo de coeurs” Necklace by Gontié Paris – This piece of handmade French jewellery is part of a collection of accessories made from recycled Coca Cola bottles! For every piece of jewelry purchased, Gontié Paris will plant a tree :oD
Surf Joy Jewellery Set by Jody Freij-Tonder – I really appreciate the abstract representation of the surf in this handmade set crafted from 95% post-consumer recycled glass
The ‘Round’ Jewellery Collection by Lucia Bruni and Rosa Martinez Barta – This is a lovely collection of recycled glass jewellery by two Barcelona-based designers
Set of 4 Tumblers by Studio Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden – Loving the simple yet stunning aesthetic of these hand-cut tumblers created from recycled post-consumer wine bottles
African Beaded Necklace from Viva Terra – This earthy necklace consists of recycled glass and ceramic beads and was made by a successful women’s collective located in sub-Saharan Mali
Sea Rose by Japonicas – This romantic necklace has handpicked sea glass as its centrepiece
Sea-breeze Earrings from Lucky Waste – I adore the unique shape and colour of these earrings as they reflect the light. Made from a discarded bottle of mineral water – gorgeous!
Earth Beaded Bracelet by Live Green – This lovely bracelet combines recycled glass with wooden beads including an engraved bead representing the globe
Transglass Cut Vase by ArtecnicaThis amazing functional work of art has been created from a recycled post-consumer wine bottle and now graces the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York! Now you can grab one for your own home :o)
Sea Glass Bottle Lip Key Ring Charm by Ecstasea – This hand-collected remnant makes me feel all ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’!
African Recycled Glass Beads from The Bead ChestThis extremely pretty beads were made by members of the Krobo Tribe located in Ghana using traditional techniques 
Aqua Blue Earrings by Peacock Jewellery – These recycled glass earring would be like wearing beautiful droplets of water
Cornish aqua sea glass cufflinks by Kate Pearse – Fabulously unique cufflinks for the man who loves the ocean!
Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Surfaces – How wonderful! If you’re in the market for a new kitchen or just a bit of a make-over for your old one, you can order surfaces made from recycled bottles and jars
Mint Chunky Sea Green Recycled Glass Necklace by Ekaterina Velichko – Wear this like a sea-mist floating around your neck
Pure-Bottle by Lucia BruniThis AMAZINGLY cool handmade fully recycled and recyclable table set contains a tumbler, a lantern and a spoon
Seafoam Sea Glass Pendant from Sea Glass TreasuresThis ethereal looking piece of sea glass was collected on the shores of Canada’s Prince Edward Island
Bubbled Beverage Dispenser from Anthropologie – Recycled glass has been blown into a beautiful bubble. What a fabulous way to dispense your favourite drinks!
Bombay Sapphire Gin Drip Necklace by Aussie Jules – I’m a big fan of these globules of indulgent sparkling glass crafted from a Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle

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