Ethical Designer Spotlight: Round London

Round London, founded in 2009 by designer Cecilia Chan, is on a mission to recycle – redesignreviverelove. Kindness by Design wanted to peak behind the curtain and find out more about this interesting eco-label.

Q. You started down the path of ethical fashion design after witnessing the huge amount of waste that high street brands produce. What advice would you give to designers who are interested in becoming more sustainable?

Believe in your design and have genuine passion for sustainability, as this will show in your design and also help you to find your target customers.

Q. How would you describe the design aesthetic of Round London in 10 words or less?

Structural, intricate, playful and fresh.

Q. What makes Round London a truly ethical choice for discerning eco-fashionistas?

Unique one-off pieces at an affordable price or reviving your once loved clothing into new.

Q. How can people go about donating fabric to you?

At the moment this is only available in the UK due to postage cost and collection service available in London. 

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your customised service?

Offering to revive long loved but slightly out-dated pieces of clothing – Round London will take your favourite item and give it a new twist! Either with a flash of Round London’s creative flair or according to your own inspiration. Simply drop us an email with photos and ideas and we’ll come back with a quote. Once you’re happy with the final design then post your old clothing to us and we’ll work the magic.

Q. Is there one piece you’ve created that you remember more fondly than the rest?

Yes, this dress (pictured below) because when I first started making the small panels around the neck, I thought what a great idea as I can use very small pieces. It turned out to be so time consuming, but at the same time I really enjoyed sewing and folding the small panels. It also received a great response and appeared in the Metro newspaper too.

Q. Who or what is inspiring you right now?

Vintage lace and mixing it with chains so I’ve started making accessories and slowly incorporating it into clothing.

Q. What does the future hold for Round London?

Developing its website into fully function e-store and maybe one day helping others to be sustainable and create a network of ethical designers to share their creative concepts.

Discover more about Round London via their:

 **Please note that while Round London is strongly committed to eco-friendly practices – the use of recycled leather in some of their products excludes them from being considered vegan**

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