8 amazing ecofashion bloggers making a difference in the world

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a champion of socially and environmentally conscious fashion, is the people. Truly. I’ve had the privilege of meeting (and e-meeting) so many inspiring women who advocate for ethical fashion – each from a unique perspective.

Here are some that I’m currently reading:

Sasstainable Sasstainable
– This blog is home to the passionate and inspiring musings of Angela Wallace, who loves to share her experiences in the world of ethical and sustainable in fashion. Angela has a Masters in Environmental Management and is an expert on sustainable lifestyle and ethical luxury.


Green Issues by AgyGreen Issues by Agy – Based in Singapore, Agatha Lee is an Environmental Designer blogging about her love of DIY fashion and upcycling. Her awesome goal is to spread the message that you don’t have to buy something new, and you shouldn’t throw something away without thinking about what it could be turned into!


SONY DSCFashion Hound – I was fortunate enough to meet Faye De Lanty way back in 2013 while covering one of her fantastic thrifting events. Faye is an amazing lady who is committed to promoting reusing and reducing our fashion footprint. Her motto? Second hand never has to mean Second best


Tumeric-dyed-cowl-photo-1-720x481Tortoise & Lady Grey – When it comes to sustainable living and slow fashion, Summer Edwards walks the walk! She’s a textile artist with a background in community aid and development both in Australia and overseas. Her blog ranges from green lifestyle tips, eco beauty advice and ethical fashion insights.

Moral FibresMoral Fibres – Sustainability expert Wendy Graham examines the 6 main areas where you can be creatively sustainable: home and garden; food and drink; life and style; families; travel; and resources. This is a beautiful and accessible source of green inspiration.


Eco Warrior PrincessEco Warrior Princess – When I think of Jennifer Nini, I think of determination and a genuine desire to explore what it means to ‘live green’. She never shies away from the difficult conversations or the grey areas of ethical fashion. Jen shares her own personal journey ‘to be the change’ and has invited us all to come along and share our own experiences.

Bonus: The next 2 on my list are a little different! They’re bloggers within larger organisations πŸ™‚

The Good EditThe Good Edit – Part of the Good on You team, Bethany Noble is passionate about ethics in the supply chain and bridging the gap between consumerism and development. She has a Master’s in Peace and Conflict Studies and has spent time in India volunteering for a social enterprise employing women who have been trafficked. So basically, she’s amazing.

1 Million Women1 Million Women – Okay so, confession time! Blogger #8 is actually a whole host of empowering women who write for this inspiring non-profit. Coordinated by the brilliant Bronte Hogarth and Bindi Donnelly (pictured left), each article on fashion and design is tied back to one of the most pressing issues of our time. Climate change. If you’re looking for a way to make a difference, I’d recommend starting here.

Will you help me add to this list? Please tell me, which ecofashion bloggers you’re loving and why, in the comments below and I’ll share them πŸ™‚

Photo disclaimer: All images used above are the property of the individuals or organisations depicted.Β 

7 thoughts on “8 amazing ecofashion bloggers making a difference in the world

  1. projectselvage1 says:

    Great article! A few months ago I started my own blog about ethics and sustainability in the textile industry and I love discovering other blogs that tackle the same issues and seeing that there are other people out there that share my passions!

    Liked by 1 person

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