Fashion Less Waste 2012

Last night I had the pleasure of immersing myself in the fabulous Art and About Sydney 2012 celebrations!Photo credit: Paul MacAfter grooving to the sound candy of DJ duo Jingle Jangle at Martin Place, I boarded a very chic retro double-decker bus to the Australian Museum for a night of eco-fashion and deep sea exploration. Each … Continue reading Fashion Less Waste 2012

Ethical Designer Spotlight: House of Beth

Talia Chain is the Managing Director for House of Beth - Ethical and Vintage Fashion boutique. In partnership with Creative Director Sarah Kendal, Talia is combining her love of beauty with her determination to fight the human trafficking industry. I'm delighted to share with you this amazing enterprise that goes beyond fashion in pursuit of … Continue reading Ethical Designer Spotlight: House of Beth

A Is for Apple and E is for Ecochic

I've been struggling with illness over the past couple of weeks and it brought that old adage to mind - "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". So here's me blowing a kiss to the delicious apple (here's hoping some healthy goodness rubs off!). A is for Apple Tote by Apple & Bee -This adorable … Continue reading A Is for Apple and E is for Ecochic

Encounter Elegant Ethical Jewellery at Olive & Reg

Have you ever found yourself on the hunt for an exquisite piece of jewellery - for yourself or as a gift - and had difficulties finding something that was not only environmentally and socially ethical, but high quality as well? Well I have excellent news for you! Olive & Reg has done all of the … Continue reading Encounter Elegant Ethical Jewellery at Olive & Reg

Ethical Designer Spotlight: Error Guided Designs

"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing" - George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)Amanda Frenz is the founder of a new eco-couture company called Error Guided Designs, which provides a unique personalised ethical fashion service. It was my pleasure to interview Amanda and … Continue reading Ethical Designer Spotlight: Error Guided Designs

Dress Ethical And Look Tee-Rrific!

I quite freely admit that I'm a big fan of the humble t-shirt! There's just something I find so appealing about their ability to display various facets of your personality in thought-provoking and eye-catching ways. With a simple change of shirt you can go from silly to serious and back again. I hope you enjoy … Continue reading Dress Ethical And Look Tee-Rrific!

Love Green – Live Green – Wear Green

Green occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye than most colours and it's the colour of the Heart Chakra, known as Anahata. Being Green is also how we describe living in an environmentally conscious way. A way of life that respects all species on Earth. I wanted to celebrate both the … Continue reading Love Green – Live Green – Wear Green

Ethical Designer Spotlight: Round London

Round London, founded in 2009 by designer Cecilia Chan, is on a mission to recycle - redesign - revive - relove. Kindness by Design wanted to peak behind the curtain and find out more about this interesting eco-label.Q. You started down the path of ethical fashion design after witnessing the huge amount of waste that … Continue reading Ethical Designer Spotlight: Round London

Oh I Do Love to Be Beside the Seaside!

To celebrate Kindness by Design moving home to Australia and my new place by the sea - I've put together this collection of cruelty-free and ecochic nautical niceness. Can you smell that salty air?Crochet Sailboat Brooch by Lowie - I think this brooch made from organic cotton is simply darling!The Wave Charcoal Crew Tee by … Continue reading Oh I Do Love to Be Beside the Seaside!

Fashion Candy

I must confess to harbouring a ravenous sweet-tooth. Here's what happens when I combine these sugary cravings with my passion for ethical fashion. I hope you enjoy this ecochic fashion candy!Are You Sherbert? Vegan Flats from ModCloth - Mouthwatering lollipop lush cruelty-free shoes!Candy Oyster Bangle and Necklace by RubyOlive - These individually hand moulded resin … Continue reading Fashion Candy